Celebrating Curves

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First edition coming 31.10.21.

Body positivity

Celebrating the beauty in diversity.


Flaunting the beauty in uniqueness.

Fanta Khonne

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Heidis Mieres

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Misel Macharia

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Phylister Awuor

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CURVY CURVE is a Norwegian based body positivity platform for women of diverse ethnicity and sizes. Curvy Curves aspire to unite women through its platform and inspire self-love along with women empowerment.


The aim of the platform is through annually planned events/projects to create awareness and uplift body positivity and women empowerment. The platform's purpose is to enlighten the beauty of diverse women. In addition, showcase brands that include diverse sizes for women. In hope of inspiring and motivate women to join forces together as a community and to feel comfortable in their own skin.


Contestants are selected through attitude, confidence, personality, and style.

Who is eligible :

Women from 18 and above are eligible.

Mostly women of size Large and above. However, all sizes Medium are welcomed. The platform is called Curvy Curve but it’s about women of all sizes athletic to thick boned.

What inspired to create the platform:

The lack of representation of women of diverse ethnicity and sizes are the main reasons for the creation of Curvy Curve. It is unfortunately too little marketing about the “normal “ women. Media pushes only one-three types of women. In reality the

Women of society are so beautiful and come in unique ways and that is what Curvy Curve wants to enhance and give light.

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